An exhibition about - but not on - balconies. The threshold between public and private, earth and sky, reality and imagination. The term BLKNZM (from balconism) rings a bell but you are not sure exactly why. Was it an obscure political or artistic movement from the past? Or is it a new Internet meme?

BLKNZM is a virtual exhibition, a potential tour around the city of Saint Petersburg, for the occasion of Manifesta 10 and beyond. It occupies no public or private physical space. Visitors to Saint Petersburg can look for the balconies and read/listen to the illustrated stories these locations have inspired. Of course people anywhere in the world can also see/hear/read the works prepared by the artist-authors. These are just a few of the possible intriguing tales hidden behind the balconies and windows of this amazing city.

Also check out the original free BLKNZM app created for the Venice Biennale, 2013 at

Gabriele Di Matteo (with the movement & IL TOPO)
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Barnaba Fornasetti & Valeria Manzi
Marc V. Kalinka
Jay C Lohmann
Oxana Maleeva
Elena Nemkova
Adrian Paci
Steve Piccolo
Christoph Radl
George Sowden
Bert Theis

Concept: Steve Piccolo and Oxana Maleeva                                                                     credits ®